Our team

The secret to our success is people

At BigBuy, we promote a work environment based on the happiness of our team. To do this, we facilitate a work-life balance and we promote diversity and equility.

We are united by our aim to be the happiest company in the world and by our mission to provide value to the global ecommerce ecosystem.

Innovation, dynamism and passion for ecommerce are our strengths and values. And, of course, always being good people.

bigbuy secret teams

A happy team



A passion for ecommerce


We are good people

What makes us different?

Flexible working day: A 4-day working week, part-time or continuous to choose from

Teleworking: We supplement teleworking with some in-person meetings

Objectives OKRs Each department organises itself to achieve some objectives

Agile methodologies: We work with agile methodologies, such as Scrum

Zero emails: We use a task manager, document and message app

Training: We offer in-service training programmes

Flat and flexible organisational structure: We go for inspirational leadership

Multicultural: There are 15 nationalities in our team

Equal opportunities We promote equality in our team

Start-up spirit: No matter how much we grow, we maintain our start-up vision

Exciting project: The key to maintaining a motivated team

Leisure time: Arcade games, ping pong and physiotherapist at your disposal

BigFoodie: Diner and take away with eco-friendly, healthy and delicious recipes

Team building: Every few months, we get together to enjoy some unique events

Health insurance: Private insurance to protect you and your family

BigFamily: One of our strengths is that we are like a big family

Join the team

We are always looking for talent! We want to find people who are passionate about shaping the future of ecommerce. If you are someone who believes that there is a lot to do, to learn and to give, we want to meet you.