Technology and operations for dropshipping and wholesale purchasing

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Full-service Dropshipping Operations

All-in-one supplier

Dropshipping Service

Through dropshipping, you can access the entire BigBuy catalogue without having to invest in stock. We ship directly to the end customer.

Listing on ecommerce & marketplaces

Thanks to our exhaustive work of data purification and mapping, our technology allows you to publish thousands of products on 200+ online channels in just one click.

Smart pricing strategy

With our software, you can define pricing rules, including actual shipping price, exact commission and VAT. We update prices in real time across all channels.

Stock and order management

You can manage your orders centrally and update stock in real time across all channels.

Fulfillment by BigBuy (FBB) - Shipments

We take care of the fulfilment of your orders, and you can access our network of shipping agencies and offer international shipping at the best price.

Connectors and Integrations

Sell through dropshipping on over 200 online channels: marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, and much more.

Dropshipping 360º Store

An online business tailored to your needs: order your synchronised Dropshipping Shop from BigBuy and start selling in just a few days.

Synchronise with BigBuy - API

Choose between the different options to synchronise your online business with BigBuy (API, Multi-Channel Integration Platform, CSV/XML).

B2B Shop - Wholesale platform

Access over 200,000 products and 5,000 brands at the best price and start selling them in your online business.




Stock and Ordering

FBB and shipping


360º Store

Synchronisation - API

B2B Shop

Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping Service

Synchronisation of stock and catalogue

Synchronise stock and catalogue in real time with your sales channel

We take care of shipping

By selling via dropshipping, we ship directly to the end customer

Without investing in stock

Start your online business without investing in stock or warehousing and without generating losses due to excess stock

Save time

Forget about handling operations. We take care of purchasing, storing, preparing orders, shipping, negotiating with suppliers and agencies...


A product doesn’t work? Try another! With dropshipping, it’s that easy!

Listing on Marketplaces

Listing on Marketplaces

PIM - Product Information Management

Our catalogue has been rigorously filtered and fulfils all of the requirements of each sales channel

Multilingual catalogue

Our catalogue is translated into 24 languages, with native translations, to favour cross-border sales

Mapping and SKU creation

We feature a mapping of categories, attributes and values, which enables us to create product sheets on all marketplaces, so dropshippers can publish product sheets created by us on an EAN.

Creation of product sheets by the dropshipper

We are the only partner that allows dropshippers to create their own product sheets on marketplaces that don’t have a centralised catalogue, such as eBay, Aliexpress, etc.

One-click listing

We detect the existing EANs on marketplaces and list on different channels in record time

+200 European marketplaces

Sell your products on the main European marketplaces

Multilingual listing

On those marketplaces where international listing is permitted, we translate the contents using professional translators

Control of the listing

With our software, you can reject the products that you don’t want to list on a channel or market using the blacklist

Smart Pricing Strategy

Smart Pricing Strategy

Price per channel

Configure and define the best pricing strategy per market or per channel

Exact marketplace commission

Our software calculates the marketplace’s commission in advance, so you will be able to list knowing the real profit, without any surprises when you see the final invoice.

Shipping cost strategy

By having the exact shipping cost in advance, you will be able to list on marketplaces with free shipping, including the real cost and avoiding the need for shipping charge templates

Pricing rules

Define your pricing strategy based on your goals for margins and profits, by price range and categories

Automatic rounding of prices

We round the sales price to make it more attractive and increase the conversion rate

Minimum profit

You can set safety rules, so that any pricing rule applied meets a minimum stipulated profit.

Dynamic prices

We update any price change in real time, preventing surprises in the event of increases or decreases in cost.

Management of stock and orders

Management of stock and orders

Centralised platform

View and manage all your operations from one single platform.

Synchronisation of stock in real time

Our tool updates stock in real time on all of your sales channels

Integration of orders in real time

Centralise all your orders in one single view, regardless of the channel they come from

Automatic acceptance of orders

With our technology, you will be able to auto-accept orders, and BigBuy will handle them and dispatch them automatically

Status of the shipments

Centralise the tracking of shipping for all orders in one view, from different channels and different carriers.

Warning systems

Detect undelivered or delayed orders before they affect your seller account and your ratings

Automatic synchronisation of tracking

Our technology updates the tracking in each marketplace. You won’t need to manage tracking manually or using external software

Income and margin control

Get a holistic view of sales and margins with access to real costs: shipping, storage, commissions and local taxes

Report dashboard

Identify opportunities for growth with analytical reports and dashboards

Fulfillment - Competitive shipping rates

Fulfillment - Competitive shipping rates

Our own warehousing

We handle the picking, packing, cross-docking, quality control, managing returns

Ecommerce packaging

We have specific protocols to comply with the requirements of each agency, in addition to solutions for the correct packaging of all types of products and orders to minimise incidents with transport

Sustainable packaging

We have reduced the use of plastics in the packaging of orders by 95%

Express Stock

We have a centralised warehouse with thousands of high-rotation products for same day express shipping. The rest of the goods are shipped in 24 hours.

Prep Centre Fulfilments

We prepare orders tailored to the requirements of Fulfillment Centres (Amazon FBA, Allegro, Zalando, Cdiscount, Veepee, etc.)

Returns and reverse logistics

Centralise the management of returns easily

Reconditioned products service

We handle returns and guarantees. In addition, we give the products a second life in alternative markets

International shipping at competitive prices

Access the best prices for your cross-border shipments, thanks to BigBuy’s negotiated rates by volume

Real shipping cost

Find out the exact shipping cost before defining your pricing strategy. Avoid the manual configuration of shipping templates

Smart selection of carriers

Improve your shipping times, costs and customer satisfaction

Tracking of shipments in real time

Track your shipments in real time, with different carriers. Centralise and receive notifications of statuses and incidents

Connectors and integrations

Connectors and integrations

Connectors for your business

With our connectors, you will be able to synchronise your business with marketplaces and ecommerce platforms

Fast listing

List your products on the main online sales channels in just a few minutes

+200 sales channels

Start selling in the main European marketplaces and on leading ecommerce platforms

Synchronisation in real time

With our connectors, you will be able to synchronise the catalogue, tracking, orders... In real time.

Define a multi-channel and cross-border strategy

Expand and diversify your sales on multiple channels and different countries

Dropshipping 360º Store

Dropshipping 360º Store

Synchronised business

Our Dropshipping 360º Stores are fully synchronised with BigBuy and we hand them to you ready to start selling

Optimised for conversion

You will have a store designed and optimised to generate sales

Simple platform

Manage your online store easily with Shopify.

Synchronisation in real time

Catalogue, orders, carriers, tracking...

Themed or general

Decide which product categories you want to sell

The perfect design

Choose from a long list of designs for your store

Multi-language catalogue

Our entire catalogue is translated into 24 European languages, so you can sell in different countries

Content strategy blog

Our Dropshipping 360º Stores include a blog, so you will be able to develop a content strategy

Synchronise with BigBuy - API

Synchronise with BigBuy - API

Synchronisation options

We give you different options to synchronise BigBuy with any type of platform

Integration via API

Catalogue API, Orders API, Shipping costs API, tracking ID API

Integration via FTP or manual downloading

With CSV/XML files

B2B Shop

B2B Shop

Wholesale platform

An extensive catalogue for dropshipping and wholesale purchasing

Thousands of products

Find over 200,000 products in all types of categories

Top brands

Over 5,000 top brands at your disposal

Stock in Europe

Large quantities of stock in Europe, for fast shipments

Volume discounts

Access volume discounts and wholesale prices on single units