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Full-Service Marketplace Operations

All-in-one partner

Product Information Management (PIM)

Standardise your catalogue data by connecting it to BigBuy's PIM software and ensure your listings are optimised across all available sales channels.

Universal mapping to BigBuy marketplaces

Connect your catalogue to our PIM and fulfil the requirements of more than 100 marketplaces. For this purpose, we have consolidated more than 100,000 subcategories, attributes and values.

Product listing on marketplaces

List your content in our PIM software and validate it, with a single mapping. Once done, you will start selling in less than 24 hours.

Smart pricing strategy

Our pricing software takes into account different data sources: BigBuy's real-time shipping costs, marketplace commissions, competitor activity and taxes by country.

Brand Booster Program

We are an official partner of all of the marketplaces synchronised with BigBuy. This allows us to help you boost your brand and protect your digital assets.

Fulfilment by BigBuy (FBB)

Outsource fulfilment and centralise your multi-channel sales with Fulfilment by BigBuy. Boost your cross-border strategy with our operations services.

BigBuy Carriers - Shipping Solution

Access our network of transport agencies and optimise your deliveries based on destination, size, weight and delivery times. Our algorithm selects the perfect carrier.

Stock and order management

Get a comprehensive view of your stock and orders from our online platform. Access up-to-date information and make the right decisions to generate a growth strategy.


Expand your cross-border business and meet the requirements of marketplaces and tax authorities without any manual work.








Stock and orders


Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM)

Simple integration with BigBuy

Connect your catalogue via API, XML, CSV or ecommerce connector (Shopify, Prestashop, etc.)

A+ content optimisation

Enrich your content and add value to your product sheets with easy-to-use editing tools.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Organise your brand's graphic and audiovisual material and content, keywords, logos, presentations, brand book, etc.

Image management

Access advanced features to edit images in bulk: resizing, logo and background colour.

Native translations

Localise your content and avoid automated translations by improving the quality of your product cards. Translate your content into 24 languages via API, with BigTranslation's native translators.

Multi-attribute and multi-reference

Create product bundles, packs and child product structures. Create a unique offer.

Universal validation via PIM

Validation process of your categories and attributes to BigBuy's centralised taxonomy of categories and attributes.

Universal Mapping to marketplaces by BigBuy

Universal Mapping to marketplaces by BigBuy

Automated mapping to marketplaces

With our PIM software, with a single mapping you can start selling on all marketplaces. Save time and avoid channel-specific mapping.

Centralised multi-lingual categories and attributes

Centralised taxonomy of categories, attributes and values in 24 languages

Automated mapping of new product entries

Keep your new products updated instantly

Automated mapping with new marketplaces

Your catalogue will be ready to be published in every new marketplace added to BigBuy at all times, without the need to do any extra work.

Updated mapping

Our mapping system adapts to changing marketplace requirements and new required fields, and ensures that your listings are always up to date.

Product listing on marketplaces

Product listing on marketplaces

Listings in one click

List your products on different channels immediately

More than 100 European marketplaces

Sell your products on all leading European marketplaces

EAN detection on marketplaces

List your products on existing EANs and avoid creating content from scratch

Multi-lingual listing

Stop using automatic translations. Adapt your content to the language of each marketplace with a network of native translators.

Listing control

Add whitelisted and blacklisted products by marketplace, country and SKU.

A+ content

BigBuy's PIM software adapts your rich content to the requirements of each marketplace.

Reports on the status of your listings

Receive alerts and notifications from the marketplace about the status of your publications, potential infringements or deactivations.

Other sales channels

Our network includes other online sales channels, such as flash sales, rewards platforms and more.

Smart Pricing Strategy

Smart Pricing Strategy

Pricing by channel

Configure and define the best pricing strategy by marketplace and by channel.

Accurate marketplace commission

Our software pre-calculates the marketplace commission, so you know the real profit when you list, without surprises when you see the final invoice.

Shipping price strategy

By having the exact shipping price in advance, you will be able to list on marketplaces with free shipping, including the real cost and avoiding annoying shipping templates.

Pricing rules

Define your pricing strategy based on your margin and profit targets, by price range and categories.

Automatic price rounding

We round the selling price to make it more attractive and increase the conversion rate.

Minimum profit

You can set safety rules, so that any pricing rule applied complies with a stipulated minimum profit.

Dynamic pricing

We update any price changes in real time, avoiding surprises in the event of cost increases and decreases.

Competitor price tracking

Get information and find opportunities to adjust your product offering.

Brand Booster Program

Brand Booster Program

Certified partner

As an official sales and operations partner of each marketplace, we can act on behalf of you and your brand.

Brand registration

Set up and register your brand on all marketplaces

Protect your brand

Keep control of your brand and digital assets on marketplaces

Official store on marketplaces

Build an official storefront for your brand on marketplaces and increase sales

Official ecommerce

Create or synchronise an ecommerce store for your brand on Shopify, Prestashop, Magento or other platforms and complement your multichannel strategy.

Fulfilment by BigBuy - FBB

Fulfilment by BigBuy - FBB

Own warehouses

We handle the picking, packing, cross-docking, quality control and returns management.

Ecommerce packaging

We have specific protocols to meet the requirements of each agency, as well as solutions to correctly pack all types of products and orders to minimise transport incidents.

Sustainable packaging

We have reduced the use of plastics in the packaging of orders by 95%.

Express Stock

We have a central warehouse with thousands of fast-moving consumer goods for same-day express delivery. All other products are shipped within 24 hours.

Stock alert system

Ensure turnover with our smart reporting and analysis tools, based on minimum stock level rules, stock history and trends.

Prime Service for Amazon Sellers

Our warehouse is included in the Amazon Prime programme. List your products with the Amazon Prime label (+30% sales growth).

Prep Center for Fulfilment Centers

We prepare orders tailored to the requirements of Fulfilment Centers (Amazon FBA, Zalando, Cdiscount, Veepee, etc.).

Returns and reverse logistics

Centralise returns management easily.

Reconditioning service

We manage your returns and guarantees. In addition, we give your products a second life in alternative markets.

BigBuy Carriers - Shipping Solution

BigBuy Carriers - Shipping Solution

International shipping at competitive prices

Access the best prices for your cross-border shipments, thanks to the volume and BigBuy's negotiated rates.

Real shipping cost

Know the exact cost of shipping before defining your pricing strategy. Avoid manual configuration of shipping templates.

Worldwide delivery

Sell anywhere in the world, with the best prices.

Smart carrier selection

Improve your shipping times, costs and customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking of shipments

Track your shipments in real time, with different carriers. Centralise and receive status and incident notifications.

Stock and order management

Stock and order management

Centralised platform

View and manage all of your operations from our cloud software (SaaS)

Stock synchronisation in real time

Our tool updates the stock in real time on all your sales channels.

Order integration in real time

Centralise all your orders in a single view, regardless of which channel they come from

Shipment status

Centralise the shipment tracking of all orders in a single view, from different channels and different carriers.

Automatic order acceptance

With our technology, you will be able to auto-accept orders, and BigBuy will automatically manage and dispatch them.

Alert system

Detect undelivered or delayed orders before they affect your seller account and ratings.

Automatic synchronisation of tracking

Our technology updates tracking on every marketplace. You won't need to manage tracking manually or with external software.

Multi-lingual customer service

Ensure your customers are satisfied with customer service in their own language

After-sales management

Handle returns, refunds, cancellations, unshipped orders and reconditioned products

Revenue and margin control

Get a holistic view of sales and margins with access to actual costs: shipping, warehousing, commissions and local taxes

Reporting dashboard

Identify growth opportunities with analytical dashboards and reports.



B2C invoicing services

Simplify your processes by fully outsourcing your invoicing to BigBuy.

End customer invoices

Upload individual invoices to all marketplaces so your customers can find them.

Marketplace invoices

Extract commission and sales invoices from marketplaces to match your accounting.

Tax compliance

Match your tax and marketplace data accurately.

Comply with regulations

Centralise management and keep up to date with major changes in VAT regulations.

Export your data

Easily integrate BigBuy reports with external ERP and accounting software.